Online Handball 🤾 ScoreBoard

Keep track of goals, penalties, and game progress in real-time. Perfect for both casual games and competitive play, our user-friendly scoreboard ensures accurate and efficient scorekeeping. The official IHF handball time and scorekeepers contain the same sections as an ice hockey scoreboard: score counter for each team, a timer, period counter and two penalty timers for each team. They both have a secondary smaller counter, showing the time outs or the fouls commited.

Additionally, the players can be listed on the sides with individual player score counters. Open the settings to hide these and configure your display.

Basic handball rules

Olympic Team Handball is played in two 30 minute halves, the clock counting upwards. If the game ends in tie, up to 2x5 miutes overtime periods are played to determine the winner. Penalty shootout might be executed if the winner is still not found after the overtime, just like in football.

Players committing fouls are first warned with a yellow card. If they proceed to foul again, they are handed a two minute suspension, just like in ice hockey. A third foul draws another two minute suspension and at the fourth time players are ejected from the game with a red card. Serious offenses are punishable with an instant red card.

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