Online Box Scoreboard App

The online boxing scoreboard app counts the 12 rounds and measures the 3 minutes of each period. There's a a one minute break in between the rounds where boxers are treated in their corners.

Basic Boxing Rules and Terminology

Boxing is a combat sport that is contested between two fighters in an area surrounded by elastic ropes known as the ring.
The fighters wear padded gloves, shorts, gum shields and boots and the object of the game is to win a contest by either knock out or points hitting the opponent with fists, and only above the waist whilst avoiding being hit yourself. Doing anything else, like biting off ones ears results in a foul and could result in disqualification.

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If one manages to knock their opponent to the ground, he must stand back up within 10 seconds and be able to show that he can defend himself otherwise the game ends with a knock out. If neither fighter can knock each other out, the judges will score each fighter based on how well they fought and who was the superior.

A Technical Knockout can also end the game: for safety reasons, if a referee, doctor or a member of each fighter’s corner crew feels that a boxer cannot properly defend himself, or that it’s too dangerous to let him continue fighting – they can end the fight throwing in the towel and the opponent will win the fight.
A knock down is when a boxer fall to the ground but he manages to get back up in 10 seconds. This can happen only 3 times to a fighter in any round.
Clinching is a defensive move where a boxer hugs his opponent to save some time. The referee immediately separates them and they must take one step back before commencing the fight.
If a boxer breaks any of the rules, the referee may give a warning, deduct points, or disqualify if they commit too many fouls.

online boxing scoreboard app

How to use

Close this intro text or scroll down to unveil the scoreboard. The gear icon in the menu opens the settings where you can experiment with the available options. You can always refresh the page (F5 key) to come back to the default configuartion.

Click the panels to increase the score and other counters and to start/stop the timer. Hover the bottom right corner of the panels to reveal additional shotcuts.

There art three main modes of operation: the default score counter, the score adder where the porgram automatically adds the scores and the lap timer.

Keyboard commands

Space – start / stop timer Esc, Enter – exit settings and edit mode E – enter edit mode R – toggle settings Q – increase home team score A – decrease home score W – increase visitor team score S – decrease visitor score P – increase period counter I – home team timeout O – visitor timeout Y – home team foul/shot counter

U – visitor team foul/shot counter T – change alternating posession L – toggle overtime C – pause shot clock X – reset shot clock to maximum Z – set shot clock to 14 seconds V – edit shot clock value

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The settings

Open the menu (≡) in the top right corner of the screen and click the gear icon to access the settings:

Reset – restore the default values with a click
Mode – beside the default score counter we can add the scores of different rounds and measure lap times. Start the timer when the lap timer mode is active and click the team/player to record his time.
Teams – add up to 10 players or teams the the game. The default is 2: Homve vs. Visitors.
Timer – set the timer to show the minutes and seconds, minutes-seconds-hundredths or automatically show the hundredths when the clock is under one minute. Decide whether to count down or up.
Period – adjust the period duration and toggle the overtime mark
Sounds – turn on to sound horn at the end of the period or when the shot clock expires
Font – beside the default 7-segment display you can use other font styles

Shot clock – a secondary 24 second timer is used to measure the play in basketball. Set up its duration, size, colors and whether you wish to start it automatically with the main timer.
Colors – activate one of the predefined templates or set your custom 4 colors to style the scoreboard
Style – an advanced field that requires CSS code and allows you to style the board without limitations
Images – add an image background and display the logos of the two opposing teams specifying the URL of the images. You can't upload your image files to our server so I recommend using a thrid party file sharing service such as or The recommended file format is png with transparent background.
Adjust – set the perfect layout for your board adjusting its size, font size and top margin. Use the
Show – pick which panels you wish to hide and show. Each panel group has a close button which shows up when the settins are open and you hover a display with your mouse.
Open the settings to reorganize the order of the rows and hover the section you'd like to move up. Click the top arrows that show up on the right of a panel while hovering it. This way you can move the clock to the top and the score to the bottom.

Edit mode

Toggle edit mode with the pencil icon in the menu. A cursor starts blinking in the first score counter when the edit mode is activated. Use your keyboard to set the values easily. Make sure to enter number values in the counters, otherwise they will be set to zero.

The keyboard shortcuts are disabled when the edit mode is turned on.

Full screen

Toggle full screen mode to hide the browser frame. You can also do this pressing the F11 key in most web browsers. You might need to adjust the zoom and top margin in the settings.

Save / Broadcast

This option collects every current variable on your scoreboard and encodes it in a web link. Every value that differs from the default will be added as a URL parameter. This way you can save your settings and share a game.

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Reset Score Timer Period Players
Mode ScoreBoard ScoreSheet LapTimer
Teams 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Timer M & s All Auto      Count up Count down
Period m OT     Font 18 18 18 18 18
Shot s      24 24   Start: Manual Auto
Default Dark Light B&w
Show Title Team Score Labels Timer Shot Players
Possession Fouls Penalties TimeOut Period Ranking