Online 7 Wonders Score Sheet

Maximize your 7 Wonders board game experience with our free online score sheet! Effortlessly tally points, strategize, and outwit opponents. Simplify scorekeeping for an immersive gaming session. The free online 7 Wonders score sheet will allow you to easily collect the points in each round and rank the players. It can be used to up to 10 players.

This is just an example of how customizable the online board game score sheet is. You can set your own design in the settings. In this case I added a 7 Wonders wallpaper and applied a custom CSS style to color each row accordingly.

7 Wonders Round Colors

Attached you will find the color code of each round and a very short reminder for them. Read more about 7 Wonders at BoardGameGeek or study the attached rule book.

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Military Add your victory and defeat tokens. It can be negative.
Treasury One point for 3 coins at the end of the game.
Wonders Add victory points for your built wonder stages.
Civilian Structures Add the points indicated on your blue cards.
Commerce Collect victory points from your bronze cards.
Guild Add points indicated on your purple cards.
Science Collect identical scientific symbols and sets of 3 different symbols.
1 symbol → 1 point, 2 identical → 4 pts, 3 → 9, 4 → 16.
A group of 3 different symbols scores 7 victory points.

Press the + sign to add one more row for the leaders extension.