Basketball Shot Clock

Shot clock, or "24-second-clock" is used in both FIBA and NBA basketball since 1954 to speed up the game. The timer is usually mounted above the hoop, below the game clock.

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Basic Shot Clock Rules

After the offensive team gains possession of the ball in their own half, they have 8 seconds to move the ball into the opposition's half. The ball is awarded to the other team if they fail to score or at least hit the rim in 24 seconds.

The shot clock operator's job is to start the timer when a team gains full possestion of the ball and to reset it when the other team gets control: turnover, offensive foul, violation, defensive rebound and after a scored basket. The timer is always reset when the ball hits the rim after a shot. The counter should never be running in dead ball situations and should be started when the referee signals lowering their arm.

In case of a defensive foul or kick ball violation the clock is reset to 14 if it's under 14 seconds.


setting options

Move your mouse above the bottom right corner to reveal three icons to pause, to set a value manually and to reset to 14 seconds instantly.

shot clock rules settings

Open the settings

College basketball for both men and women has a 30‑second limit. Adjust the default 24 second duration in the first input field.

Adjust the size and color scheme. You can add a smaller shot clock to a full featured basketball scoreboard.

The shot clock is started manually when a team gains full control of the ball. You can enable the option to start it automatically with the main game clock.

Use the C keyboard command to start/stop the shot clock.

basketball 24 seconds shot clock
Only 2 seconds left. It's time to shoot.

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